My Wanderlust Soul + Travel Bucket List

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I kind of have a thing for travel. From the thrill of booking a trip to the stimulated senses that are experienced when exploring a new city, satisfying my need to travel will always be a priority in my life. In all honesty, it might be the BIGGEST priority in my life. The lifestyle that I aspire to have includes the ability to travel regularly. To explore, discover and experience other cultures. To immerse myself in their traditions, taste their foods (ohh the food!) and appreciate the views that so many of us will never get to witness.

My Wanderlust Soul + Travel Bucket List

The list of places that I long to visit grows each day. With each Instagram account I come across or person that I meet in real life (yes, that still happens!), I’m always adding a new destination to my travel bucket list. Sometimes I wonder if I’m living in a fairy tale world wandering around with an unrealistic mindset. Will I ever make it to the far off places on my list? Will I overcome the fear and dissatisfaction of defying the societal norm of being cooped up in a corporate setting day in and day out? One thing I know for sure? I am the only one who can turn these dreams and desires into realities and I will do anything I can to make it happen.

My mind has been exploding with ideas lately. Have you ever heard the expression ‘my brain has too many tabs open’? Yeah, that’s me. ALL the time. I’m a day dreamer and a night thinker. From business endeavors to certifications to blog ideas, I’m always scheming ways in which I can create a life that makes me the happiest. A life that is full of travel and adventure.

If you read my previous post recapping No Spend January, then you know that I have been making it a priority to get serious about my finances (i.e.; I haven’t bought any clothes since December 30th!) One of the main reasons for this is so that I can spend my hard-earned money on relevant experiences instead of things. Visiting friends, exploring new spaces, eating new foods (again with the food!) and, with my new-found love for blogging and photography, documenting it all along the way!

So, if you didn’t know about my love for travel prior to reading this, then I think it’s safe to say that you definitely do now. But where exactly did this love stem from? Something that you may not know about me is that I was born in Northern Ireland. I only lived there for a short while before my dad packed us all up and we moved across the pond to sunny California. Several years later, we up and moved again to Ohio where I spent most of my school days, including college. After college, I ventured down to North Carolina and found myself stuck in a small-minded bubble of a town. Sure, I was able to escape to the beach or a nearby city, but I always felt restricted and trapped.

This feeling of being trapped was new to me. Growing up, my family traveled quite a bit, and not just from all of our moves. From getaways to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Costa Rica to holidays spent back home in Ireland or the US Virgin Islands, traveling has always been very prevalent in my life. When I was in college, I kept up with my love for travel by arranging trips to warmer weather with my friends for Spring Break or visiting said friends during the Summer back in their hometowns.

If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that I was meant to do big things in life. I was meant to be successful in all of my endeavors, both personal and professional and I, for sure, was not meant to be trapped in a bubble. It was about this time last year that I started to make moves to escape the bubble and head back to Ohio. In my transition year back home, I have been fortunate enough to have traveled quite a bit considering my sporadic retail schedule. I took my first trip to NYC this past summer, attended a wedding in Connecticut and ventured to Chicago for my friend’s 30th (which you can read about here).

My Wanderlust Soul + Travel Bucket List
NYC Skyline – September


My Wanderlust Soul + Travel Bucket List
Central Park & 72nd

I guess I just have that itch. I honestly don’t even really like to stay in one place for too long. There is so much to see and experience in this world, how could I possible imagine staying put? So, with this year well underway, I have already started planning out the trips that I will be taking over the next few months including my next trip that I leave for in just over a week! If you have been following along on Instagram then you know that I have dropped a few hits as to where I’m headed. I’ve been keeping you on your toes but I think it’s time to finally spill the beans…..

My next adventure takes me to…

My Wanderlust Soul + Travel Bucket List

…the Pacific Northwest! Ahh I can’t wait! I fly into Seattle and will be spending the first couple of days with my friend, Emily. After this visit, I have absolutely nothing planned and for the first time in my life, this doesn’t scare me! I have no itinerary and nothing booked and I’m kind of looking forward to just hopping in the car and doing a little soul-searching. Make sure you follow along on Instagram for live updates and lots of pretty pics!

As I anticipate my trip, I have compiled a list of places that I plan on visiting soon. I am fortunate enough to have friends and family all over the world so finding accommodations and expertise on the locals only spots in each of these places shouldn’t be too difficult (thanks in advance guys!)

Travel Bucket List

In the U.S/Canada:

Nashville– planning a trip here for my 30th birthday in March

NYC– yes, again, but this time to see the sights

Denver– because, craft beer

St. Louis– to visit Lizzie

LA– I mean, why not?

San Francisco

Montreal– Many of my Instagram friends live here and it looks magical!

Venturing across the pond:

France– specifically Paris and Nice (or anywhere in the South of France!)

Iceland– so many Instagram friends have been here and it’s beautiful!

Germany– my cousin, Andrew, lives in Dresden. Then while I’m in the GENERAL vicinity…

Amsterdam– to visit Nickey




Thailand– I mean I do love elephants and Yoga!

Now, these are just a few of the places that I would love to visit. Let’s be real, if I listed them all we would be here all day! Speaking of soul-searching, has anyone ever thought about quitting their job to travel? I’m asking for a friend… 😉

Where are you planning on traveling this year? Do you have any bucket list destinations of your own? Want to be my travel buddy?!

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