How to Discover Your Passion

When you think about your passion in life, what comes to mind? Is it a hobby? Is it your career?  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Perhaps you thought you would become a doctor or a teacher. Maybe you wanted to be a professional athlete or an astronaut. I, like many, wanted to be a veterinarian. Over the years, however, things changed. I quickly realized that science was definitely not my strong suit. I also realized that (shocker) you kind of need to not only like science enough to study it for eight years but you kind of need to be good at it in order to become a vet…

Even when I left for school I had no idea what I wanted to study. The whole idea of going off to college when you are eighteen to study what you are going to do for the rest of your life is absolutely insane. I started down the business route and eventually added calculus and economics to the list of school subjects that I didn’t particularly.…excel in. I dabbled in several different subjects, ultimately obtaining my degree in Communications.

When I graduated, I still had no idea what I wanted to do with this degree and I didn’t have much direction as far as what to even begin searching for. How do you search for something that you are unaware of? Fast forward eight years and I am still kind of in the same boat. Talk about frustration!

Over those past eight years, I have had various jobs in various industries. From restaurants to insurance to my current stint in retail management. When I first started in visual merchandising, I thought that I had found my true passion. But now, I’m questioning my motives yet again. Why? Because, well, I’m not happy. I don’t feel fulfilled. I don’t feel challenged. Well, actually the one thing that feels challenged is my patience. Retail. Enough said…

I spend a great deal of my free time searching for and researching different jobs and I’ve started to wonder if I will ever really figure out what my passion in life really is. Job hunting is exhausting. It leaves you feeling defeated and inadequate. Why can’t I figure out what I want to be when I grow up? Why can’t I just find a job that I love and flourish in it?

How to Discover Your Passion

Taking a step back and analyzing my career path over the past several years was challenging at first. I was all over the place and I used to get very down on myself for not being able to figure out what my THING is. What I have failed to realize is that the path that I have traveled down these past 10 years HAS led me to figure out what my thing is. Do I know what it is yet? Not at all! But I know I’m on the right track and I will figure it out eventually. Not to mention that I am starting to really understand what I like and what I don’t like.

I have also started to realize that our passions in life don’t necessarily have to equate to a career. Instead, they can be in the form of hobbies or activities that we participate in when we aren’t spending our days working. Sure, the ideal situation would be to find something that we are passionate about that can also provide us with a steady income to live. This may be easier said than done! However, in the mean time, what proactive steps can we take to help us determine what our purpose is? How do we discover our dream job or find that “thing” that we are so passionate about?

Get out and explore

Experience different spaces and places. You don’t even have to travel very far to discover new and interesting passions. One of the great things about Columbus is that there are so many little neighborhoods complete with their own hidden gems. Coffee shops, parks, shops, breweries, restaurants…the list is endless and there are always new things popping up. Get out and there and see for yourself. Perhaps you will be inspired by what you find!

How to Discover Your Passion

Find new hobbies

It took me years to build up the courage to go to my first yoga class. I’m almost kicking myself for not starting sooner because now I am so in love with it. Yoga has become a passion of mine and I plan on going through Yoga Teacher Training in the near future!  There are so many new hobbies that I want to try to I know now that there is no sense in holding back or being afraid. How will you ever know if you like or dislike something unless you’ve tried it?

Talk to people

Since moving back to Columbus I have met SO many wonderfully inspiring people. To be honest, I’ve met most of them through Instagram! I went to dinner the other night with a few girls that I had never met before but always lusted over their Instagram feeds. It is so interesting to me to talk to others about their stories and their dreams. The great thing about humans is that we are all so different. Surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people who are passionate about all different things can be so motivating and inspiring in itself!


Read other people’s blogs. Read books. Read travel guides. Read everything! There is so much to learn and so little time to do it. Embrace every second that you have and use that time to learn and grow. You know that saying, “Knowledge is power”? Yeah, its true. Obtain knowledge and learn from others. Speaking of blogs, I highly recommend you check out one of my favorite bloggers over at My Lovelier Days. Diana recently wrote a great post that I could completely relate to!  Why You Should Work at a Job You Hate. This girl has been such an inspiration to me and has been so supportive since I started on this blogging journey.

 How to Discover Your Passion

Don’t be afraid to start over

You are never too old to take control of your life. If you are unhappy then make a change. Move home. Go back to school. Change careers. We live in an ever-changing world and sometimes it helps to grow and adapt with it. Check out some of my previous blog posts relating to starting over. I made the biggest leap to start over almost a year and a half ago and I haven’t looked back since. Choosing to Defy Societal NormsThe Beginning of a New BeginningHow to Rediscover Motivation

How to Discover Your Passion

So what are you waiting for? Let’s figure out our passions together! Do you already feel like you know what you are passionate about? Do more. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Ultimately what it all comes down to is finding what makes us happy. Whether we find that in our career or simply in the hobbies and activities that we partake in outside of work. If it makes you happy, then you should most definitely do it!


  1. Em O | 11th Jul 17

    Everything in this resonates with me…. if you ever want to have a big “job searching” brainstorming day… let me know. I thought I had found my passion in Visual Merchandising as well… but the retail aspect/large company KILLED me.

  2. Diana Maria | 28th Jun 17

    I love this post, I feel like I have felt the exact same way as you- and I still do! Sometimes I genuinely have absolutely no idea what I wish to do, but through new adventures and trying different things I feel myself getting closer! That’s so great you want to do the yoga teacher training- I’m looking at doing the same in the near future, I absolutely love yoga! It has helped me grow in so many ways. Retail is exhausting and tests your patience, but I know you will find what it is you truly love one day. It’s all about the journey, and I don’t think there’s a specific time we need to find what we love! Great post Fay xx

    • fayhovitt | 29th Jun 17

      I just love you. You totally get me and it makes my heart happy that there are other beings in this world that understand! We will figure it all out one day Diana! But for now, I think it’s great that we are trying to come to terms with enjoying the journey! And OMG please go through yoga teacher training..and push me to do it too! 🙂

  3. Kayla Rossman | 27th Jun 17

    So many inspirational thoughts in one post! I resonate with the career difficulties, although I’ve kept one job since graduating college I haven’t decided if I totally love it yet! That’s when I also began to fall in love with hobbies, discovering new things, and learning from other people. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to more from your feed. Thanks for the reminder that there is something to love about life every day!

    • fayhovitt | 27th Jun 17

      Aw thank you for the love! Sometimes having hobbies that we love might make a somewhat ok career bearable! I guess that is what life is all about- trial and error and focusing on making sure that we have things in our life that we DO enjoy doing! <3

  4. Brittany | 26th Jun 17

    I totally know how you feel. About two years ago I also decided to make a change in my career. It was scary and I literally had no idea how it would all turn out but for the most part it has turned out well. There are days where I am more passionate than others but where my true passion is well, my blog. While I have no idea where this journey (aka life) is taking me, I choose to enjoy the ride along the way! So glad I came across your instagram/blog. I also haven’t heard of My Lovelier Days…how have I missed her blog?? I’ve book marked it!

    Brittany |

    • fayhovitt | 27th Jun 17

      That’s such a great mindset to have! It can be hard when we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life…especially when we feel that we have this expectation to meet! I’m so glad you found her blog- isn’t it fantastic? 🙂

  5. Robin | 25th Jun 17

    So funny – I’ve written a post about the exact same realizations! It was uncanny to read the same sentiments on someone else’s blog. It’s so important to realize that your creative passions do not necessarily translate into a lifelong career. For me, trying to make a living as a singer/songwriter made me lose my enjoyment for music completely. I then decided to pursue psychology – I got two degrees in it before realizing that I really just wanted to be writing. But then I was unemployed for a miserable year trying to find a job that used the degrees I’d worked so hard for – before a writing job finally fell into my lap, changing my life forever. That’s just how you figure out what you’re meant to be doing, I guess – trial and error, and the willingness to start over until you find something you can spend your whole life doing!

    • fayhovitt | 25th Jun 17

      So much truth in what you just said! Trial and error- there are no mistakes but instead lessons learned. We have to dabble in different things to truly find what we are meant to do.. and what makes us truly happy. Thank you for the love Robin! ?

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