Hey there!

I’m Fay, the eyes and mind behind Balancing Lemons.

I created this blog as a way to remind myself and others that life is a gift and that we should always strive to cherish each day.

As I navigate through life, I have learned that the journey won’t always be easy. That there will be difficulties and challenges along the way and that we will no doubt be pushed, sometimes to our breaking points. However, I have also learned that it can be exhausting feeling sad and sorry for yourself. Life will almost always hand us lemons, but it is how we perceive and react to these lemons that determine how sweet or sour the lemonade is.

I invite you to join me on my journey as I begin a new chapter of my life in the great city of Columbus, Ohio! You can expect to find posts that encompass all aspects of life from fashion and beauty to food and travel…oh and a lot of photos of my dog, Rocky! Each post will be filled with information and positivity to help you reach your true potential.